During the academic year 2012-13, Arts & Heritage collective Manchester Modernist Society are ‘Creatives-in-Residence’ at the Toastrack, also known as the Hollings Campus of Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). They will act as a catalyst and instigator of a programme of collaborations and explorations involving a variety of artists, writers, researchers, students, staff and members of the community.

In MMU’s final year at Hollings, the Modernists will re-discover and reveal Toastrack.

The wider aim is to investigate and celebrate the city’s 20th century landscape  – in particular the role of City Architect  (and architect of Hollings) L.C. Howitt in the creation of the post war infrastructure of the City.  By embarking on an ‘archaeology’ of Hollings they aim to uncover the influence and legacy of Howitt and his team, and to highlight and discover underlying relationships that shaped the City of Manchester.

slaughter / judge  / educate

L.C. Howit was the City Architect, and along with his team was responsible for a variety of public buildings for very different  uses. Although some have been demolished, a number are very much in use today:

slaughter: The Manchester Abbattoir

judge: Manchester Crown Courts of Justice

educate: Hollings


Jack Hale & Nicholas James – Project Curators

Eddy Rhead – talks and tours

John Merrill – photography

Matthew Steele – Architectural Research

Special Thanks:

Haleh Moravej & Colin Renfrew of MMU Hollings Faculty for support and facilitation.

the mms also publish a quarterly magazine… click on the logo to have a look!

Here’s a bit of press and publicity about the project…

Manchester Evening News

Digital Innovation

The Mancunion

Creative Tourist

Creative Times

MMU News

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  1. I’m glad you’re doing this project as I’m very attached to The Toastrack. I moved to Manchester in 1986 to do a 4-year sandwich course in The Clothing Block. I’ve stayed in the area, my children go to the primary school next to The Toastrack and I’m back at MMU doing MA Textiles. The children are fascinated by the building so if you are interested in doing something with your young neighbours, I’d be happy to help!

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