Toastrack Museum

Looking In #2

Taken from correspondence between John Williams, a former art teacher at the Toastrack, and Manchester Modernist Society:

“Now that July is almost here, I am reminded that the end of the college year is nigh, and with it the final days of Hollings as we know it.

I must confess to an innate sadness that such a remarkable establishment will no longer exist, at least in the form we have known for so long. From what little I have read, it will continue in another place, and hopefully proceed with the ideals started by Miss Elsie Hollings with such foresight for the education of her particular section of students.

I presume that Manchester Modernist Society’s residency will also finish, although your interest will undoubtedly continue. So this is an appropriate time to say how much I and many others have appreciated your involvement with the history of the college by setting up the website and by running it so successfully. For me it has filled a need to continue my memories of teaching there which have remained so clear after forty years.

Of course, the big question is what will become of the building now? Another use will perhaps save it from destruction. Converting it to residential was mentioned, but its unique construction would be against it probably.

Below is a photo I took one day at the local pub! It shows happy days with friends. Brian Ellwood (Art) is in the foreground, next to him is David (technician), then Jenny Anthony (Art). With us are other staff. So that’s it for the present. I would love to know what happens next.” 


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