Toastrack Museum

Until Then

And so, as the Manchester Evening News gets another crumby headline, the final lecture is taught and the staff begin to pack up the saucepans, scales and scissors, it seems the end really is nigh for Manchester Metropolitan University’s occupation of the Toastrack.

A fitting time we feel to get back to the drawing board, before the concrete was poured and the familiar arches were craned into place, and a young architect called Derek Hill put pencil to paper and the rest – as the cliché goes – is history.




Architectural drawings by Derek Hill and the team at the Manchester City Architects Department, 1957.



3 thoughts on “Until Then

  1. Hello there. I grew up in Rusholme and the Toast Rack remains to this day one of my favourite buildings anywhere. I now live and work as an architectural model maker in Berlin and would love to take this on as a personal project. I’d like to know if there are any models of the Toast Rack still in existence and secondly if I’d be able to get copies (digital is fine) of some of the plans to aid in the construction of the model. Thanks!!

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