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A photographic exploration in the vicinity of the Toastrack.


On Saturday 29th June at 11am, Robert Parkinson (of Preston is my Paris) and Daniel Russell (of UHC/MMDC) invite you on a photographic exploration in the vicinity of the Toastrack.

Up to twenty people can sign up for a stroll around the Rusholme/Fallowfield periphery of the Toastrack. On the day, each of the twenty will be presented with a beautiful Toastrack book and a two pence piece for tossing. They’ll notice there’s no pictures in the book, but instead space for them and a snazzy pull-out instruction section to explain how to go about exploring the area and getting some killer snaps.

Robert and Daniel will be on hand to guide participants on the day. All you need is a camera, an eye for the Toastrack, and maybe a compass. We’ll meet in front of the Hollings Campus on Wilmslow Road.

The Toastrack is about to cease being Manchester Metropolitan University’s Hollings Campus. In 2012 the Manchester Modernist Society was invited to take up residence in the building. You can see the fruits of our investigations here.

You can see the photos Robert and Daniel have taken here.

We’d like all the photos taken to be uploaded to the blog eventually so you can mix and match what you print for your own books.

This event is free but numbers are limited – please register your attendance here.

This event is presented as part of:




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