Toastrack Museum

You Are Here #2







Following on from You Are Here, further portrait photograph discoveries of Toastrack staff, this time possibly dated from late 60s-1983.

If anybody recognises themselves or others in these photographs, please do get in touch:

** UPDATE **

Identified left to right:

SET ONE (6-009)

1st row: (?), Gordon Thomas, (?)

2nd row: Len Ambrey, Fred Manning, (?)

3rd row: (?), (?)

SET TWO (B21-B23)

B21: Roy Woods, Tony Ellis, Jim Meakin, (?), John Shepherd, Larry Davis

B22: (?), Alan Adams, Ray Cocketh

B23: John Theodor

SET THREE (7-022, Sept ’82)

1st row: Janet Mock, Pat Caulburn, Alan Adam, (?)

2nd row: (?), (?), Tom Warren, Roger Callan

3rd row: John Theodor, Trish Galloway, (?), Roger Callan

SET FOUR (7-027, Nov ’82)

1st row: John Curtis, (?), Karen Machin, Richard Jones

2nd row: (?), (?), Karen Machin, Harry Greenwood

3rd row: (?), (?), (?), John Turner

SET FIVE (7-032, May ’83)

1st row: Roger Callan, (?), (?), Ian Simms

2nd row: Roger Callan, Ann O’Grady, (?), Gordon Thomas

3rd row: (?), Ann O’Grady, (?), (?)

SET SIX (6-010)

1st row: (?), (?), (?)

2nd row: Eileen Churm, (?), (?), David Couch

3rd row: Keith Gainsley, (?), (?), Jim Meakin




4 thoughts on “You Are Here #2

  1. Hi Nicholas, On the 5th sheet the gentleman on the right hand side (top, white lab coat) is Iain Simms who was a master baker and a principal lecturer who retired three years ago. Regards, Haleh

  2. I thought Iain Simms was a technologist rather than a Master Baker (maybe both?).
    B23 is John Theodorides.
    7 – 027: 2nd photo, 2nd row, is of Gladys Atkinson, Clerical Assistant in CDT (Clothing Design and Technology)
    7 – 032: 2nd photo in 1st row, and 3rd in 3rd row, are of Fred Nelson, Technician in Meat section of FMD (Food Manufacture and Distribution). 4th photo in 3rd row is of Neil (surname escapes me), Technician in Bakery Section of FMD
    8 – 010: 4 photos of man in pale jacket are of Bernard Smith, Head of Department, FMD. Bottom left is NOT Keith Gainsley, who also had a beard but was slimmer (see other page of photos). Don’t know who this man is – sorry!

  3. Apart from sets 3-5 (1982/83), the remainder are most probably from the late 60s/early 70s (see the age difference in the 2 photos of Gordon Thomas and make a guess!!).
    7.022: 1st Row, 4th photo is of Linda Dockery (Admin. Assistant, Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management). She worked for me after having worked in the Polytechnic Director’s office.
    The FMD technician’s name (3rd Row, 4th photo) is Neil Lomas, who worked closely with Siobhan McNulty and Geoff Wood.

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