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Long before the days of internet trolls, the most effective method of antagonising members of your community with your opinions was to write a letter to the newspaper.

This A. E. Henshall appears to have achieved, in a piece of correspondence sent in to an as-yet unidentified publication dated September 1960, wherein he denounced the newly completed Toastrack as an “architectural monstrosity.”

What ensued in the Toastrack’s defence was a handwritten retaliation by loyal student Edward Johnson, accompanied by the prophetic words of Mrs B. Proudlove.

Note the absence of any insistence to LOL at their own sentences, or facility to click on a ‘thumb’s up’ icon.

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One thought on “Verberations

  1. The Toastrack always had much criticism for its sixties architecture. But everyone knew where it was because it was so original. Actually the Habitat Store did an 18 inch square print of the building in a “Warhol style” about three years ago and I had to resist the urge to buy it.

    I understand the reason that it was shaped in that way was because it was built on a geological fault and it had to be stable for safety reasons rather than a traditional rectangular block. It was also said that the old Manchester abattoir (same architect) was built on the same geological faultline. I’ve just seen the maps for the Manchester HS2 train line and this is intended to run a tunnel about 300 metres from Hollings under the Manchester Grammar School. Hopefully the geological specialists will have this covered.

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