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You Are Here

Portrait2Portrait1Portrait4Portrait photographs of Toastrack staff and students, dated from 1978-82.

Preserved and kindly donated to Manchester Modernist Society by Paula Lilley, PA to the Dean of Hollings Faculty.

If anybody recognises themselves or others in these photographs, please do get in touch:

** UPDATE **

Identified left to right:

SET ONE (7-021, Sept ’82)

1st row: Joy Groves (PA), Pat Carr, (?), Lyn Scrannage

2nd row: Graham Stone, Mary Cork, (?), Lyn Scrannage

3rd row: George Wilson (Dean), Marian Dunn, Liz Ineson, Ray Cockett

SET TWO (7-025, Nov ’82)

1st row: Eric Clark (Design), Simon Kaminsky (Mathematics), Cath Fairhurst (Human Relations), David J. Tyler (Production Technology & Operations)

2nd row: Marion James (Garment technology), Alison Beazley (Pattern Technology), Joy Evans (Design), June Johnson (Technician)

3rd row: Marion James, Alison Beazley, Derek Nicholson (?), Peter Lowcock (Menswear & Quality)

SET THREE (6-057, Sept ’78)

1st row: Nancy Mortimer, Janet Mock, Keith Gainsley, Ken Askew

2nd row: Howard Hughes (Tourism), Anne Witz x2, Jack Neighbour (Chef)

3rd row: Sue Avit, Anne Witz, Lyn Scrannage, Pat Carr

SET FOUR (B25-B30)

B25: Joy Groves, George Wilson, Bill Nevett

B26: Malcolm Lowe, Phil Johnson x3, Roger Callan,

B27: Ellis Davis, Geoff Hanson, Gary Akehurst, Trish Galloway, Gareth Burgess x2

B28: Roger Callan x3, BLANK, Helen Newall, Liz Hill

B29: Ken Johnson, Jim Quayle (Accountant), Albert Oldfield, Geoff Rhodes, Harold Gullen, Andrew Harris

B30: Mary Riley, Ted Riley, Nancy Mortimer


With thanks to Liz Ineson, David J. Tyler, Gary Akehurst , Paula Lilley, and Haleh Moravej

Further reading: You Are Here #2




3 thoughts on “You Are Here

  1. I studied at Hollings from 78-80 – OND Food Technology and enjoyed it tremendously. Looking at the photos they are arranged by Department ie. CDT (Clothing, Design and Technology), HCIM (Hotel Catering and Institutional Management). On the lowest batch of photos, top line, far right is Bill Nevett or Nevin who lectured on an engineering type subject.

  2. I stumbled across this website by chance. I’m a former Hollings staff member – row B27 third from left but it mistakenly attributes my mug shot to Stuart Harsburgh (Horsborough?) but it is definitely me – Gary Akehurst. In those days I was on the lowest rung as a lecturer grade 1 in economics and business and when I left in 1981 I had risen to the dizzy heights of lecturer grade 2. Without doubt it was the happiest time in my working life. I’m now retired but Hollings has left me with happy memories of great colleagues and lively students.

  3. Like Gary, I came across this site by accident. I’m not in any of the photos (I was the ‘Faculty Secretary’ at the time they were taken), but have very fond memories of many of those who do appear. I used to play regular squash with Keith Gainsley, Ken (“The Drop Shot”) Askew, and Derek Nicholson (yes, that is his photo!), and knew quite well Graham Stone and LIz Hill. Graham was very helpful to me when I first arrived; Len Ambery was then Dean, and Heads of Department were (Dr.) George Wilson (subsequently Dean), Bernard Smith and Bill GIbson. Bill Nevett was a Principal Lecturer who took over as Head of Department when George became Dean.
    At the time I arrived, Hollings was just getting used to the requirements of being part of a Polytechnic, and the new rigours of CNAA (Council for National Academic Awards) validation (paper chasing?) procedures were creating pressures that had been largely unknown when Hollings was a separate college. Sir Alex Smith was the Polytechnic Director, replaced by (Sir) Ken Green when he retired
    Where I could, I’ve followed with great interest the careers of those I worked with, ears glued to the radio whenever Tim Lang (now Professor Tim Lang; not in the photos, but he joined Hollings in the early 80s) talks publicly about food policy, as he regularly does. What a lovely guy!
    I moved to East Sussex in the early 80s, had a successful career with both East Sussex and Brighton & Hove Councils before early retirement, and then taught English overseas for a decade. I now live by the Thames with my boat.
    Hugely nostalgic memories have been brought back by these photos. Many thanks for posting them, Paula!

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