Toastrack Museum

Sighting In Corridor 12

Reproduced from Cheshire Life magazine (May 1983, price 70 pence), this article was brought to the attention of Manchester Modernist Society by Marie Slater, Technical Team Leader for Anthropometrics, CAD & Textiles at the Toastrack, whose ‘squaw dress’ from the Hollings Fashion Show of that year is featured within.

Marie explains:

“I was a student at Manchester Polytechnic on the Clothing Design Technology course from 1980-83. I think at that time it was one of the only courses that took you at 16. To get on the course you had to have at least five O-levels. After completing the Ordinary National Diploma you had to decide whether your Higher National Diploma was in Design or Production, and this came with a six week Industrial Experience Placement.

I have had this copy of Cheshire Life since 1983; it features our yearly fashion show, held where the library used to be. This was a great fun event where students modelled the garments, and Industry were invited to attend to view the students work.

Mothercare set a Childrenswear Competition in my final year, and I won first prize! This set me on a 20-year path of designing childrenswear mainly for Mothercare and Marks and Spencer, travelling the world whilst doing so.

I returned in 2005 to Manchester Metropolitan University on the same Hollings corridor. I am now part of the CDT Technical Team, also working with people that I worked with in Industry.”

Other notably intriguing articles from this edition of Cheshire Life include The Astronomer Royal Talking, and Micro-electronics and Your Child.

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