Toastrack Museum

Look Outside

Possibly our favourite archive photo so far. Another fashion selection from the students at Hollings, this time from 1959. Notice the Toastrack still incomplete in the background – and a couple of amazed builders looking on. The short dressing gown (or is it a smoking jacket?) in the front left is surely ripe for a return to fashion.

In charge of a two year full-time course in Dressmaking was a Miss Gillingham. Taken at their last dress show, this photograph shows the Birchfields building on the left, which had been acquired by the Domestic and Trades College in 1950, and was due for demolition once the Toastrack had been completed.

Another image of the Toastrack under construction can be found here.

Further reading: The Process Revealed #2





One thought on “Look Outside

  1. My aunty Elsie Hollings was the principal and my father John Hollings also taught there. My sister and I spent a lot of our childhood there and I remember Birchfields as well. On the picture is my aunty Elsie in the background and next to her miss Eileen Churm. Princess Margaret opened the college and my aunty got the OBE for services to education. When my aunt died they named the college after her.

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