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Tuesday’s Offering

In January 1977, Hollings College became a Faculty of Manchester Polytechnic (as it was then known), offering a wide range of industrially-based courses in clothing, food manufacture and hotel catering.

This prospectus was produced by the Manchester Polytechnic Publication Unit for that year.

prospectus“Our objective is the same as yours – your success.”

The introductory text reads:

Being within a much larger student complex there are greater opportunities for both educational and social fulfilment. Facilities on the Hollings site have been further extended by a greater central provision including student recreation and welfare, student counselling, library, computers and accommodation services. Thus Hollings offers the benefits of a small, friendly, personalised atmosphere together with resources found only within the biggest educational complex in Europe.




2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Offering

  1. I had a copy of that prospectus – very 1977. One of the many amazing things about the Hollings building was the dome (and the stairs) and the incredible acoustics. The echo of footsteps from the rounded ceiling on the floor made the room pretty unusable, probably why they modified the buidling and moved the library there.

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