Events & Activities

toastrack: a modernist residency

Arts & Heritage collective Manchester Modernist Society are ‘Creatives-in-Residence’ at the Toastrack, also known as the Hollings Campus of Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). They will act as a catalyst and instigator of a programme of collaborations and explorations involving a variety of artists, writers, researchers, students, staff and members of the community.

In MMU’s final year at Hollings, the Modernists will re-discover and reveal Toastrack.

The wider aim is to investigate and celebrate the city’s 20th century landscape  – in particular the role of City Architect  (and architect of Hollings) L.C. Howitt in the creation of the post-war infrastructure of the City.  Through embarking on an ‘archaeology’ of Hollings they aim to uncover the influence and legacy of Howitt and his team, and highlight and discover underlying relationships that shaped the City of Manchester.

slaughter / judge / incinerate / educate


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